• Premium Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd was formed in 2007 with the objective of affecting positive environmental change at a global scale by replacing today’s unsustainable fossil fuel with efficient green alternatives.

    Premium Renewable Energy has identified the commercially established Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)™ pyrolysis technology as the ideal vehicle to achieve its vision of a sustainable future. The self-powering process can convert biomass residue discarded from the palm oil and forestry industries into a clean-burning liquid fuel called RTP™ Green Fuel.

    RTP™ generates a high yield of low-carbon and sulphur-free product which can be used as a sustainable substitute for fossil fuel oils. RTP™ Green Fuel can currently be used as a source of power and heat generation, and will be upgradeable to drop-in transportation fuels in the near future.

  • Southeast Asia is blessed with abundant natural resources that form the basis of Premium's strategy: to convert palm oil and forestry industry residue into a clean-burning and easily transportable liquid fuel that can displace fossil fuels.

    To capitalise on this golden opportunity, Premium is committed to building strong partnerships with oil palm growers and responsible industry stakeholders who share our vision of a sustainable future. By co-investing and forming mutually beneficial joint ventures, each stakeholder is incentivised to commit to the development of the RTP™ energy solution. The mutual incentivisation method is vital to secure the feedstock necessary for RTP™ conversion, as well as land for plant construction.

    Premium Renewable Energy has already formed a Joint Venture with Felda Palm Industries: Sahabat Renewable Fuel Ventures, which is expected to start construction by 2017.
  • As society grows, so does its demand for energy. However, the decreasing supply of fossil fuels makes traditional methods of power generation increasingly unsustainable. Furthermore, it is environmentally harmful due to the release of greenhouse gases and pollutants.

    To this day, Premium stands on its founding principles of creating a positive change to the global environment. The company feels that it is imperative to address society’s over-reliance on fossil fuels and the global carbon footprint. Driven by these overarching principles, PRE actively seeks to identify clean, green energy solutions as alternatives to the unsustainable methods of power generation prevalent today.