• Ensyn Corporation, Canada

    Incorporated in 1984 to commercialise its cutting-edge biomass-to-liquid Rapid Thermal Processing technology, Ensyn currently provides the world’s only rapid pyrolysis process that operates on a long term basis.

    Today, Ensyn is the world leader in the production of bio-oil using this technology, without relying on food-based crops as its feedstock. The bio-oil produced goes into the manufacture of over 30 commercial and fuel products. Ensyn has commissioned, designed and built 7 commercial RTP plants in the United States and Canada.

    Ensyn entered into a JV with Premium Renewable Energy in November 2008 to further commercialise production of bio-oil from biomass available regionally.

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  • Envergent Technologies (Honeywell), USA

    Envergent is the Joint Venture formed between pyrolysis technology leader Ensyn and fuel facility expert UOP-Honeywell. As the first company with fast pyrolysis processing units in operation today, their purpose is to commercialise and develop RTP Green Fuel projects by collaborating with partners around the world.

    Premium Renewable Energy signed an agreement with Envergent in 2008 that granted them exclusive rights to RTP technology in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    As such, Envergent will provide engineering services for Premium Renewable Energy’s RTP Green Fuel production.

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  • Felda Palm Industries, Malaysia

    Felda Palm Industries (FPI) is the palm oil processing arm of FELDA - the largest oil palm planter in Malaysia. As such, FPI has decades of experience within the palm oil industry and access to the steady supply of biomass generated across its 70 mills in Malaysia.

    In 2011, Premium Renewable Energy formed a joint venture with FPI called Sahabat Renewable Fuel Ventures Sdn Bhd (SRFV) to take the lead in developing RTP technology in the region. With a 5-plant construction pipeline in place, SRFV will pioneer the conversion of oil palm waste into RTP Green Fuel.